South Carolina Mortgages and Mortgage Rates


Having chosen South Carolina as your home, you’re now ready to find the cheapest first, second, or refinance mortgage rates available. The process of finding and comparing low-cost mortgages can be summarized into the following steps:

  • Learn the options.
  • Know the rates of interest.
  • Determine your budget.
  • Collect quotes.
  • Compare your offers.

Horizon Financial is here to help. Our content is informative, and our information is accurate. You can request free quotes online, crunch numbers on the mortgage calculators, or calling Horizon Financial directly.  Take advantage by using our thorough South Carolina broker/lender mortgage loan programs knowledge to get the mortgage loan that is right for your situation.  Whether you are just starting to research or have a written offer on your dream home, we have Conventional, FHA, VA & USDA Rural Housing expects ready to assist with your hassle free options.

Posted by Bob Dangelo, a senior Loan Officer with over 20 years mortgage lending experience.  You can reach Bob toll free at Horizon Financial (877) 627-9211 ext 110 in Greenville, SC 864-527-8900 ext 1100 or email at

Loan Approvals Tougher But Not Impossible

The reason Fannie Mae has started its Loan Quality Initiative is to improve its loan pool’s performance.    

Better loan quality should help keep conforming mortgage rates down, while reducing the taxpayer’s burden for foreclosures. Unfortunately, it’s also going to lead to more mortgage denials and a lot of busted purchase closings. Therefore, be extra careful with your credit between the date of application and the date of closing. If you must buy something “big”, consider paying cash.  Anything that goes on a card can be used against you as grounds for revoking your approval. Even if your loan is underwritten and ready to close.   

What the bank will do: Look at the Credit Inquiry section of your credit report to look for “non-disclosed liabilities”. If items are found, the bank will ask for supporting documentation on the inquiry, and will use the information to re-underwrite your mortgage.

What you should do about it: Don’t go looking for new credit until after your loan is funded.  Period.  Now re-read the prior sentence, please, to help it sink it.

 For help with your mortgage approval, or questions about the Loan Quality Initiative, let us explain your options in easy terms.

Posted by Bob Dangelo, a senior Loan Officer with over 20 years mortgage lending experience.  You can reach Bob at Horizon Financial (877) 627-9211 ext 110 or email at